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The Indiana Ghost Hunting Team


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Vintondale May 7, 2006

Brief Explanation
Emotional Evidence
Optical Evidence
Physical Evidence
Our Explanation


Fox-group1 leaderTyler-group2 leader


Eliza’s Furnace – Site 1
Large Rock Pile – Site 2
Waterfall – Site 3
Riverside – Site 4

Brief Explanation

We were in Vintondale on our longest investigation there yet. Holly, Tyler and Fox had
previously picked out 3 other sites besides the furnace along the Ghost Town Trail. Due to
some difficulties we are having with some of the evidence at this point in time,
sites 2 and 3 will be discussed at a later time.

Emotional Evidence

Site 1
I really had no emotion while at this location besides the feeling of being watched. It
was not harmful feeling just like someone just seeing who we are and what we are doing.
Those feelings were coming from all around me. The main location was at the furnace,
behind me, and to the left of me where the old coalhouse foundation is located. Other than this feeling I had no emotional activity.

At around 11:45pm I felt very cold on my right side and nowhere else. After that happened,
I began to feel cold around my entire body and I felt as though there were people watching
me from every direction just kind of seeing what we were doing. I didn’t
see anything, or hear anything, and the only thing I felt was what was stated above

Site 4
At first while on the hill I felt nothing that seemed to be pulling me in any direction,
but after about 10 minutes up on the hill I was beginning to get feelings from several
directions. I had a medium size feeling coming from the trees and the path that was to
the right of me while facing north. It seemed like someone watching me. I also had a
stronger feeling coming from the right of me on the other side of the embankment that I
was standing on. This was a feeling of someone walking around staring at us to survey
what we were doing up there. The strongest feeling I received was an intense sensation
that behind me there was a man who had in his life inflicted pain and suffering on
people and that he was staring us down. I also got the feeling from that same
direction that a child was present there who had been hurt by this man. I cannot
explain this sensation as I do not know the history behind that area. It was the only
feeling I had all night that made me feel uneasy.

At around 10:45 pm, I heard what sounded like a child screaming/ crying coming from the
rock pile that Jake and Fox were standing on. After that, Josh and I moved to the big
open area and I thought I saw the figure of a man coming towards me from the creek and
I also thought I saw the figure of a child running around the area that Josh and I were
first at, which would be the little rock pile. I didn’t really feel any emotions or anything physical at that area.

Optical Evidence

Site 1
I saw only one thing. This was some type of shadow coming at me from the top of the
furnace and I wasn’t sure what it was. It was small maybe the size of a walnut or maybe a
chestnut out of its shell, somewhere in that range of that size.

Site 4
I had no visual evidence of any sort that can not be explained I thought that I saw a man
coming up from the water that was located behind me while on the rock pile. It
could have been fog or an animal coming up the path. Other than this I experienced no visual contact.

Physical Evidence

Site 1
I heard some noises one was from the aforementioned shadow like projectile. It definitely
made a noise when it hit the ground. That is how I ruled out that it was just a shadow
or figment of my imagination. I could also hear a wheel barrel type of noise coming
from behind me and then eventually I heard that noise coming up along side me to my
left and then just stop when it hit the edge of the woods.

Site 4
I felt a temperature drop at right around 9:43. This temp drop was not a great change, but
was easily noticeable and occurred almost instantaneously. The weird part was that I had
heard a noise like a rumbling of rocks falling or sliding down a hill a lot like the
one we were standing on. This rumbling came form the left of me almost as if coming
from the direction of Josh and Melissa. They were not however there for the rocks
to have been moved by them. This noise happened again almost at the exact time of the
temperature change, but at that time it was much louder and sounded much closer. At first I
said it could be the wind, but it was completely calm the only breeze was so light that
it was hard to tell if there even was a breeze. There were no sudden gusts
of wind or anything of the sort.

Our Explanations

As stated earlier, there is a large amount of evidence that we are having problems
debunking from sites two and three. We have come to the decision that both of these
sites are going to require further investigation. We are posting some of the photos
that we are having problems debunking, but are holding the videos, and audio recordings
(evp’s) until a later date. It is our sincere hope that in the near future we will be
able to come to a decision about theses sites.