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The Indiana Ghost Hunting Team


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About Us

We look for places near by that have reported history. We plan the trip and how we are going to get there. At
some point during the day we will go out and look at the sight and note places, feelings, hazards, and try to debunk
what we can. Equipped with voice recorders, cameras, video recorders and our wits we spend a few hours working around
the site working in pairs. While working the site we take pictures, and make notes of all that we see, feel and hear. When
we feel that we have spent enough time there, we get together and go over all of the evidence, making notes of things
that we have found, and disproved. After collecting all evidence together, we make a file for the case, and report our findings.

We try to hold meetings once every semester; we also try to hold open skill building (training) sessions as often as we can.
Most of them will be announced well in advance, and be run by an appointed person. We try to make as many opportunities
for people in our group to broaden their horizons and capabilities. Another thing that we are going to start doing is holding
debunking parties. These will consist of all of T.I.G.H.T. getting together for pizza and a good time, while we look as a bunch
of pictures trying to debunk them. Some will be from sites that we have run others from other groups. This will allow all members
to sharpen their debunking skills.

The way that T.I.G.H.T. is arranged is that we currently have 3 group leaders, each of which is control of a group. Within
the group there are a number of partner pairs (each with a team leader). Facilitating all of the workings is the three co-founders.

We, as a group, have intentions of trying to debunk reported paranormal activity. We look towards all reasonable explanations
for things that happen. In the case that we cannot come to a logical explanation, the case will remain open. For an open case
we will try to refer it to other groups to come and investigate. Though many of us are believers, we still come onto a case
looking at it as though it is due to natural causes.

Rules and guidelines we practice:

No Messing Around: this means exactly what it says, as do most of our rules. We are not going to places to horse around.
We are going out there to debunk/ disprove.

Buddy System: We do not like to have anyone alone. Some of the reasons for this are that if something were to happen,
one person's word alone can not be counted as creditable. Another reason is safety. By being in groups of two we are
making sure that in the event of an emergency no one will be alone, and risk getting left behind.

Privacy: All pictures, video, recordings, writings, and any other form of evidence that we collect as evidence is the sole property
of the people who own the area we are investigating. Nothing can be used without prior consent or knowledge of the owners of the property,
or the authorization of at least one of the co-founders. People are kind enough to invite us into their homes, or onto their property. It is only
right that we (as a group) respect this kindness by keeping things private. Anyone caught dispersing evidence will be found of the privacy agreement.

Responsibility: Even though we are not a large group, each person is responsible for their own equipment, as well as themselves.

Group Leaders and Co-founders: When a person is placed in the position of authority they are only placed there because the co-founders
feel that this person, or persons, has shown them that they can handle the position. When they are assigned a group, they are assuming
responsibility for all the members of that group. In the absence of any of the co-founders the first placed group leader is in-charge. The
co-founders have final say on all actions, no questions asked. Some of the main tasks of the co-founders are to pick the places, check for
safety, inquire about authorization, and group movement. The co-founders will try their best to keep all members informed of pertinent decisions.

The Power of the Mind: All of us know that the mind is an incredibly powerful organ, and it has resounding effects on the body, it is for this reason
that the co-founders have many checks and balances set in place, even if the members are not aware of it.

Meetings: We like to try to hold at least one meeting a semester. It is during these meetings that we will discuss many of the
going ons with T.I.G.H.T.

Group Relationships: We do not allow two person groups to be comprised of couples, this is for the reason that there is too much of a personal
connection between the individuals, and this can cause a conflict. So, it is for this reason, as well as safety that couple groups are not allowed.

Going Over Evidence: We do not want everyone talking about the sites that we are en-route back from. This is until everyone has had a chance
to write down the experiences. There is an allowance for the calming down of other members.

Do you think that you have what it takes?

If you are interested in joining our group, send us an E-mail with your request for an application containing: Name, phone number, age, city you live in,
and the reason that you want to join our group. You will receive and answer on our decision when we have come to one.